Full Name: Wade Frazer Position Title: Senior Technical Planner What do you do in your role? Finding the most suitable outcomes through sharing ideas, debate, research, modelling, testing, and reviewing. What are your specialty areas? Pull apart the complex stuff and communicate it as simple as possible. How long have you worked for Fowler’s Group? […]

A hierarchy of investor needs

There is a hierarchy of investor needs. In other words, some investing skills have to be mastered before any other skills matter at all. Here’s a pyramid I made to show what I mean. The most important investing topic is at the bottom. Each topic has to be mastered before the one above it matters: […]

BOOK – CHAPTER 1: There is nothing uncertain about uncertainty

Each quarter, we’ll bring you a chapter from “40 Lessons Learnt in 40 Years of Business” - the Fowler’s Group’s book containing a collection of realisations, lessons learnt, and moments of inspiration and clarity collected over four decades of doing business. This time, it’s Chapter 1: “There is nothing uncertain about uncertainty”: “We all want to believe in […]

EOFY – Prepare now for 30 June

by Paul Horn (Director, Fowler’s Group) AS we get closer to the end of the financial year for 2014/15, it is important to have a look at what needs to be done prior to 30 June and what can benefit you the most this year: Employers If you are an employer and you wish to […]


Full Name: Cherie Pyers Position Title: Executive Assistant What do you do in your role? In a nutshell, I greet and liaise with clients as they come into our office, oversee the office diary, assist and maintain software implementation, organise travel arrangements, provide any administration support for the Directors, and ensure the smooth running of the […]

2015 Federal Budget – what does it mean for you?

by Paul Horn (Fowler’s Group) Joe Hockey recently delivered the 2015 Federal Budget, and as we realise that not all of our clients could be glued to their TV screens to watch it, we thought we would outline the key changes that may have an effect on our clients: Age Pension / Retirees The Age […]

Get what you pay for – but don’t pay more for less

by Daniel Underwood (Planning Associate, Fowler’s Group) As the saying goes, you usually ‘get what you pay for’  - but what if you were paying more for less ? Direct insurance is promoted as a hassle free alternative to retail life insurance.  It’s sold by daytime TV ads, and applied for over the phone under […]

Top 5 Insider Tips for Householders to Cement their Financial Future

1. MAKE A WILL and start the estate planning process. Don’t just rely on a will kit from the newsagent – seek financial advice. If you have a will ensure it’s up to date and valid. Discuss with your partner if you have one and consider guardianship for any kids. 2. CLEAR CREDIT CARD DEBT […]

Five Investment Rules to Remember

The world’s in a mess! Oil’s tanked. Greece and the European Union are fighting over debt (again). Australia has a Prime Minister hanging on by the fingernails (again). The Australian dollar has cratered against the US. Madmen are running riot through the Middle East (again). Interest rates have been slashed in Australia and all over […]

Top 3 common investor mistakes

Leading American investment consultant Charley Ellis was in Australia recently as key note speaker at Vanguard Investments’ Markets, Minds and Emotions national adviser roadshow. Ellis is one of the original thinkers of the asset management industry having founded Greenwich Associates in the US, a world leader in strategy consulting in institutional financial services. He has taught […]