Fowler’s Group help with Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal

Fowler’s Group is once again a big supporter of the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal: By The Cairns Post Far Northerners are again urged to open their hearts and wallets to the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal. The annual fundraising drive was officially launched at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino on Friday, attended by individuals […]

Do not panic and buy the farm

by Noel Whittaker (The Courier-Mail) STOCK markets are bouncing around, as conflicting reports arrive about the situation in Ukraine. The optimists are seeing any dip in the market as a great opportunity to jump in and buy – the most extreme of the pessimists are forecasting we are on the brink of another major war. […]

Celebrating 40 Years!

What is your insurable income?

A common issue we  see is  when  individuals,  particularly business owners,  have insured their income    via an Income Protection policy   but have  unknowingly underinsured themselves.   Most people insure themselves based on the salary drawn from the business, which in a lot of cases, can be minimal compared to the actual business earnings they make. Insurers will insure […]

Did You Know?

World No Tobacco Day – 31 May 2013 The arrival of 31 May 2013 marks the 26th anniversary of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) ‘World No Tobacco Day’. According to WHO¹, smoking tobacco is one of the leading preventable causes of death, each year accounting for approximately six million deaths worldwide. Tobacco is thought to […]

It Could Be Financially Rewarding To Review Your Policies Every Now and Then

I have said it before, please ensure you take your Life Insurance policies out of the bottom draw and schedule a regular review if you don’t do this already.   If the only reason is to refresh your memory as to why you took out the cover in the first place than that is a good thing.  The […]

Bookies Finally Lose, While Cat Beats Brokers

Given the self-important and often overpaid nature of the finance industry, each week often throws up at least one irony. Just recently, there were two. Firstly, APRA released the rates of return for Australia’s 200 largest superannuation funds. The number one fund over the past five years was the Challenger Retirement Fund, while over nine […]

Job Application

This is an article that was sent to me a while ago and I’ve come across it again.  It tells a great story and puts into perspective the job that insurance actually does. Please consider this application for a job.  Although I’m a big, healthy man and will do a man’s work, I ask only […]

Insurance Premiums Are Not Going Up!

We have all received our Home & Contents policy renewal notices over the last 6 months, and have been smashed with a 50% to 100% rise in premium over the last year. From an Advisor’s point of view we have had numerous conversations with clients talking about insurance company’s hiking up the rates on all insurances.  The fact is, […]

The ‘R’ Word

For Seinfeld’s George Costanza, finding creative ways to get fired was practically an art form.      In the real world though, facing redundancy can be an uncertain if not frightening experience. In Queensland, the big ‘R’ word is ringing loudly as the State Government looks to reduce its number of employees by almost 7%.   10,600 redundancies […]