Brexit Vote Reaction – Don’t React

Last month we witnessed a significant event and its real time impact on financial markets. Britain voting to leave the European Union. Despite a final week “Remain” rally that pushed up equities, commodities and the Australian dollar, someone was clearly reading the tea leaves the wrong way. Financial markets love certainty (Remain) while they hate […]

How Do You Break A Bad Investing Habit?

Bad habits are very difficult to break. Smoking and overeating are routines we need to rupture. Bad investing habits are the norm, not the exception. They include panicking and bailing out at generational market lows, like what too many did in 2009. Conversely, the same people often buy aggressively into market bubbles, like the technology […]

How to Prepare for Retirement Emotionally

Happiness and quality of life are something that many, if not all of us, strive for. One thing that I have noticed through my work with people in retirement is that the pull toward both of these aspects becomes even stronger when the days are no longer filled with work obligations. I have witnessed many […]

BOOK – CHAPTER 22: Does being a perfectionist really make things better?

Each newsletter, we’ll bring you a chapter from “40 Lessons Learnt in 40 Years of Business” - the Fowler’s Group’s book containing a collection of realisations, lessons learnt, and moments of inspiration and clarity collected over four decades of doing business. This time, it’s Chapter 22: “Does being a perfectionist really make things better?”: “In business we often focus […]

Fowler’s Group set to launch new website

Fowler’s Group is set to launch a new and exciting website in the coming weeks. The new site will give Fowler’s Group a platform to showcase its financial services and offerings and will help the company engage with its customers more easily through its modern and clean design. The website utilises Fowler’s Group’s head office […]


Full Name: Rachael Hare Position Title: Paraplanner and Client Services Assistant How long have you been at Fowler’s Group? 3 years What was your first job? Shop assistant at Katies What do you like to do when you aren’t working? Spending time with my family What are you most proud of in your life? My […]

2016 Federal Budget – The Good and the Not So Good!

The 2016 Federal Budget was delivered by the Treasurer, Scott Morrison on 3 May 2016.  This year, there were many changes in the area of superannuation, along with other changes to personal and company tax.  The following will provide a summary of the main changes proposed.  Like every budget there are some people that will […]

Fowler visits Singapore to meet with firms from across the world

Fowler’s Group Director Jason Fowler recently returned from a trip to Singapore where he forged strong links with other financial advisory firms from across the world. Jason made the visit to the southeast Asian country to meet and share ideas with a peer group of Australian and New Zealand companies. While there, he also took […]

The best thing to do is nothing in a volatile market

by Jason Fowler, Director, Fowler’s Group Ten years ago, in another country, a man we’ll call Bill, died at 75. He left his wife, a lady we’ll call Betty, $50,000 and a house worth $350,000. Betty was 65, living on a government pension and no longer wanted the hassle of the house. So she sold […]

Horn celebrates 20 years at Fowler’s Group

Fowler’s Group Director Paul Horn is celebrating 20 years at Fowler’s Group. Paul first joined Fowler’s Group in November 1995, starting off on the front desk reception, before moving into a support service advisor role. He then continued working his way up the ranks, before becoming partner in 2007. “Paul is a perfect example of […]