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Piccones IGA: How Grandma’s Grudge Started FNQ Grocery Empire

June 11, 2024 |
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How to Choose a Financial Planner: Key Questions to Guide Your Decision

May 30, 2024 |
Ben Cole
When considering whether to seek the guidance of a financial planner, it's crucial to understand the triggers that signal the need for professional advice.
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Listen to This Before Lodging Your Tax Return 2024

May 30, 2024 |
Paul Horn
Superannuation provides a valuable opportunity to claim a tax deduction on contributions up to a $27,500 cap per annum. To take advantage of this benefit, it's essential that contributions reach the fund by 30 June. This applies to employer contributions, including those made through your own company if you’re self-employed. Contributions via SuperStream, BPay, or Direct Credit EFT should be made well before this date to ensure they are received by the last working day of the financial year, which is 28 June this year. Employers need to note that SuperStream contributions can take up to 10 days to be processed. Understanding the composition of this $27,500 cap, including employer contributions, salary sacrifice, and personal contributions, is key to maximising your tax deduction while avoiding excess contributions.
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Navigating the Terrain of Business Insurance: A Roadmap to Secure Your Enterprise’s Future

May 21, 2024 |
Wealth Radar
Navigating the Terrain of Business Insurance: A Roadmap to Secure Your Enterprise's Future with Daniel Underwood
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Ultimate Guide to Aged Care Solutions: How Amanda Golder at Fowler’s Group Financial Planning Can Optimise Your Retirement

May 14, 2024 |
Wealth Radar
Ultimate Guide to Aged Care Solutions: How Amanda Golder at Fowler's Group Financial Planning Can Optimise Your Retirement
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Making sure your winnings and livings pay more than just trimmings

April 18, 2024 |
Ben Cole
Listen below to the full conversation with Ben Cole on 4CA Cairns: Whether it’s winning the lottery, inheriting a significant sum, or experiencing a windfall...
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Simplifying aged care fees, because life is too short.

April 18, 2024 |
Amanda Golder
A fiduciary firm is the right place to go to help simplify the hard stuff so when it comes to understanding aged care fees we can help you.
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Simplifying Aged Care Assessments for Peace of Mind

The current requirements for aged care and Centrelink’s’ plethora of assessments are absolutely mind-boggling. These complex and intrusive requirements undeniably places immense pressure on families attempting to navigate an unwieldy system in the best interests of loved ones. After an hour of going through the various scenarios with Amanda today, I walked out with confidence that I knew what was the best course of action to take for the best interests of Mum. Amanda was professional and compassionate in her appraisal and actually understands the nuisances of the aged care industry, articulating them in lamens terms. I am confident that the assistance Amanda and the Fowler Group have provided will ultimately save my mother’s estate money in the short medium and long term. A pleasant experience and money well spent!

Grant Doherty 

A positive insurance outcome

When I had a health problem five years ago, I turned to Fowler’s Group to represent me in negotiations with the insurance company.

Fowler’s Group has been in the industry for more than 50 years – they know what works, and what doesn’t. The team took care of everything for me. I received a great outcome, without the stress. I have no hesitation recommending Fowler’s Group – they’re very caring people, and treat their clients like family, which means a lot when you’re doing it tough.

Daryl, Melbourne
From a Grateful Client – Aged Care

I highly recommend The Fowlers Group for assistance with Aged Care for aging parents. Our family recently faced the difficult decision of providing specialized care for our mother due to Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

During this emotional time, it’s crucial to engage a financial adviser because Aged Care facilities have undisclosed costs. Consider “The Fowlers Group – Amanda Golder Aged Care Specialist” for help with financial aspects.

Amanda Golder and her team expertly navigated us through financial complexities like Centrelink Means Testing, RAD, and other Aged Care costs. This allowed our family to focus on our mother’s emotional journey into permanent care, knowing her financial security was in capable hands.

From the family of Mrs Anne de Loryn.

Income Protection

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, she had to go in for surgery straight away. Fowler’s Group was incredible throughout the whole process. It was so reassuring to have someone we could trust on our side to deal with the insurance companies. It meant everything to have all the stress taken away and not worry about things like paperwork.

You don’t think that at age 38 you need to use income protection and trauma insurance, but thanks to the Fowler’s Group and the support they gave, we were able to concentrate on my wife’s health – the most important thing – while Fowler’s Group took care of everything else. We can’t thank the team enough.

Jaime, Cairns
A Solution For Workplace Injury

Many years ago, I had a workplace injury that left me permanently incapacitated, and I soon faced the prospect of having a long time to live with just a little bit of money. I didn’t have income protection, and it didn’t look great for me and my family. Later, someone told me I should speak to Fowler’s Group, and within a week they had answers that my solicitors never had.

Thanks to Fowler’s Group, I’m now paid to retirement, and without them, I’d be in deep trouble. Fowler’s Group genuinely care. They make things personal and truly put your best interests first. They did everything for me, and I’d recommend them to anyone seeking financial advice.

Kate, Cairns
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