Doubt your current financial plan - or just want some reassurance you're on the right track?

We believe that not all financial advisers are created equally.

While some are totally focused on the needs of their clients, the majority are doing the bidding of their licensee (a bank or financial institution) at the expense of their clients.

Despite having a financial adviser this second group of clients are often still confused, don’t fully understand their strategy, don’t understand how their investments work and don’t have a full picture on the fees they pay.

This is the genesis for our Second Opinion Service. If you’re not sure where you’re heading with your current financial adviser, we will take you through our discovery process that enables you to understand what we stand for as financial advisers, while we have a conversation about your values, your goals, your concerns and the expectations of your financial adviser.

Ideal Future Vision

Define Your Goals

Lifestyle Gap Analysis

If we agree there is a basis for us to work together, we will provide you with a written second opinion on your current financial position and direction, while also getting together for a meeting where we can give you a clear understanding of what we have found.

It’s possible we will say you’re currently on track with your current adviser, maybe with some simple improvements that could be made. Alternatively we might provide a proposal on how we can offer you a better outcome for your wealth management.

It’s our job to turn complexity into clarity and confusion into confidence, so if you’d like a second opinion, call 1300 855 849, email email/plan)( or visit us at 111 Lake Street, Cairns.


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