Look after your Health

Look after your Health

May 23, 2020 |
Bob Fowler

You look after your Health. We’ll look after your Wealth.

We know that the share markets will recover given time – they always have.

But, your wealth is of no value if you lose your health.

This is not meant to scare you or raise your concerns (the media does exceptional work in that area). Our thoughts are to keep you around for us to maintain our great relationship and to help you grow and eventually enjoy your wealth.

You’ve read all the physical health tips about protecting yourself from coronavirus. But what about the anxiety? How do you manage that?

While some people may be more susceptible to becoming seriously ill with the coronavirus than others, none of us is immune to the pervading sense of anxiety that has taken hold. This article from two health academics provides some practical steps you can take to keep virus-related anxiety under control. Click and read this link

In light of developments over the weekend, we have taken the action to cease personal face-face meetings with clients from today.  These will be replaced by either video meeting facilities or telephone conversations and will continue for the coming weeks.

All staff will continue to work from the office each day until that becomes no longer viable, as we have the room and layout to implement social distancing measures and we want to ensure we are still meeting your needs in this rapidly evolving environment.

Stay Healthy, Stay calm, Stay Focused
Bob Fowler

photo of Bob Fowler

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