Our Philosophy

A commitment to putting your best interests first

Being in the financial planning industry requires a commitment to lifelong learning. That’s why we undergo annual audits to ensure we meet our CEFEX accreditation and maintain the highest industry standards. This means we will always put your best interests first.

All of our experienced professionals are guided by this people-first philosophy. We help you cut through the clutter, understand the clearest pathway to achieve your financial goals, and give you the confidence to achieve these goals through structured, disciplined approach.

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A robust, established investment philosophy

Strategies backed by academic rigour and evidence

You may be surprised that many financial planning and investment firms don’t have a firm investment philosophy, or are often changing their guiding principles. Invariably, this doesn’t lead to positive, consistent outcomes over the long term.

With more than 50 years’ experience, we have established a robust investment philosophy based on venerated academic research. While no one has a crystal ball, we use history as the best starting point to mitigate risk to achieve reward through evidence-based methodologies.

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Achieve more today

Harnessing the power of diversification and discipline

Investment markets are efficient—which means you don’t need to predict the future to achieve success today.

Our strategies are based on facts and repeatable evidence-based processes. This has enabled us to achieve great outcomes for people from all walks of life, time and time again. Diversification in fixed-interest and share markets paired with discipline is the key to planning and building a successful, profitable portfolio. We help our clients minimise stress, stay disciplined, and keep on track towards their goals.

While our investment philosophy and core principles never change, we tailor strategies to suit individual situations, goals and risk tolerance.

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Our Difference

Why Fowler’s is
your first choice

Customer Service

We share a commitment to exceptional customer service and offer our own proven financial advice to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Over 50 Years Experience

Experience the difference of working with a qualified fiduciary financial planner. We have been helping clients across Australia for more than 50 years.

Industry Expertise

Today, Fowler’s Group is one of Australia’s most respected financial advisory firms, giving you the best advice to achieve exceptional results.

Highest Standards

Fowler’s Group is proud to be one of only a handful of CEFEX-certified financial advisory firms in Australia, and one of less than 100 worldwide.

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Why Fowler’s is the first choice
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Customer Service

Over 50 Years Experience

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Industry Expertise

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Highest Standards

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