Things to do in Isolation

Things to do in Isolation
August 9, 2021 |
Bob Fowler

Lock downs may be less frequent now, but it may be worth considering some activities you can perform when given a little extra time to spend with yourself.

  1. If you considered buying tickets to a live performance but now can’t attend, it’s been cancelled or postponed, send some money to the artists; they are the same people who gave up their time and talent for free to help raise funds for bush fire relief.
  2. Read a book. In my library, I discovered “The Three Musketeers”, a classic by Alexandre Dumas written in 1844. It was a most enjoyable read. So, I am now thumbing through “old novels’ that have been handed down from parents or grandparents. Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson, The White Rajah (1961) by Nicholas Monsarrat. Of course, there are plenty of more recent writings to devour and I recommend you sit back, relax, open the book and start enjoying the experience.
  3. Learn to cook “better”. Make different types of meals with new ingredients. It seems that every day new recipes are printed in the daily newspaper and certainly in the weekend editions. Enjoy the challenge and surprise your family and friends when you are able to reconnect.
  4. Make Music. I’ve noticed on Facebook that “It’s easy to learn to play the Piano” or “The Guitar”. You may discover a hidden talent or a special way to annoy friends.
  5. Tour a Museum or Art Gallery when you’re able to move about. There is so much to see and learn and it is right on your doorstep.
  6. Create a Garden. Even if it’s in a bucket. It is stuff from nothing and what can be bad about nurturing something into life? Coriander, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Birds Eye Chilies – the list is endless.
  7. Be in Nature. It is the best way of getting out of the house and keeping a distance from other people. Notice things around that you didn’t see before.
  8. Learn Mindfulness. It’s a superpower. We are often good at counting our troubles but more often bad at counting our joys.

So, amidst these horrors, let’s try to count and create joys, for ourselves and others to make a different kind of day. A richer, kinder one!

Bob Fowler

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