You don’t need Superman to save you, you need Income Protection.

You don’t need Superman to save you, you need Income Protection.

April 18, 2024 |
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In today’s unpredictable world, the concept of financial security extends beyond saving and investing. It’s about safeguarding your most valuable asset—your ability to earn. This is where Income Protection insurance comes into play, an essential yet often overlooked component of a comprehensive financial plan. Fowler’s Group is dedicated to ensuring you’re well-informed about this critical coverage. Let’s delve into the essentials of Income Protection insurance and why it may be the safety net you didn’t know you needed.

What Is Income Protection Insurance and why is it your Superman?

Imagine a scenario where an illness or accident prevents you from working. Not just for a few days, but for an extended period. Here’s where Income Protection insurance steps in. It provides you with a regular monthly income, up to 70% of your normal salary plus superannuation contributions, during times you’re unable to work due to medical reasons. This coverage can support you through both short-term ailments and more severe, long-lasting conditions, ensuring your financial stability isn’t compromised by health challenges.

What Does It Cover?

Income Protection insurance is comprehensive, covering a wide range of medical conditions that might prevent you from working. This includes but isn’t limited to, mental health issues, joint problems, and back injuries. A significant advantage of this insurance is that it’s not limited to workplace injuries—it covers incidents that occur in all aspects of life. For the electricians who enjoy mountain biking on the weekend, rest assured, you’re covered for both work-related and mountain biking injuries.

Claim Rates: The Reality Check

In 2022 alone, Australians received over $3.7 billion in Income Protection payments. This staggering figure highlights a sobering reality—none of these individuals anticipated the need to rely on Income Protection, yet found it indispensable when faced with unexpected health issues. These payments played a crucial role in helping them manage their finances, from covering daily living expenses to maintaining a semblance of their previous lifestyle, all while unable to work.

How Much Cover Do You Need?

With an estimated 3.4 million Australians underinsured for their basic needs, the importance of adequate Income Protection insurance cannot be overstated. The right coverage amount is pivotal in reducing dependence on social welfare or injury and disability schemes, allowing for a life of dignity and financial security despite the hurdles.

At Fowler’s Group, we emphasise the significance of foresight and preparation. We encourage our clients to ponder a simple yet profound question: What would happen if you suddenly couldn’t work? Understanding your household’s financial needs in such a scenario is the first step toward securing a policy that ensures peace of mind and financial stability.

Tailoring Your Financial Safety Net

Choosing the right Income Protection insurance requires a nuanced understanding of your unique financial and personal situation. Fowler’s Group is here to guide you through this process, helping you assess your needs, understand the intricacies of different policies, and make informed decisions about your financial security.

In an era where life’s only certainty is its unpredictability, Income Protection insurance stands out as a beacon of stability. It’s not merely about insuring your income; it’s about investing in your peace of mind and future well-being. Let’s navigate this essential aspect of your financial plan together, ensuring that no matter what life throws your way, your financial foundation remains unshaken.

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